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This is a form of therapy that is used for couples who are experiencing difficulties such as re-occurring conflicts, communication issues, working through current or past infidelity, sexual concerns, or managing transitional periods such as kids, career changes. Couples therapy does not mean that the couple needs to be married in order to attend couples therapy. Additionally many couples will choose to do couples therapy as a premarital check-in/ have a safe neutral space for both to communicate any needs that may be lacking or potential future concerns. 


Many times, we will suggest for couples to also be in individual  therapy as many times our own individual childhoods, past traumas/ relationship trauma could be contributing to the overall functioning as a couple. Individual therapy can be a great place to explore and understand that in addition to couples therapy. We also recommend that both individuals in the relationship be open and wanting to attend couples therapy as it takes two individuals for a relationship to work, not one. 

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